This Raw Foodie’s Raw Diet Update

7 Mar

I knew after my 30 day raw experiment I’d be incorporating more raw meals into my regular diet, but I really never thought I’d be eating this much raw! I only planned to come up with some new raw recipes to make a few raw meals each week. Instead, I converted into a raw foodie – eating almost fully raw all the time. And it is so much easier than I thought it would be!

Since completing the 30 days I have only had a few cooked foods. It is crazy to me how much of a difference I feel after eating cooked food. Even though I’m sticking to a vegan diet, I notice changes almost immediately after eating cooked foods.

During the past week, I ate foods that were normal to me in the past and definitely considered healthy by most. I always thought I ate healthy as a low-sugar/carb vegan. These “normal” foods made me feel how I normally felt before the 30 days – a dull headache, tired soon after eating, and difficulty concentrating. It was a shocking reminder that this is how I typically felt after eating! The difference was very obvious to me – my body was not happy!

I am limiting the amount of cooked foods I eat much more than I expected I would. I am slightly surprised to say I am definitely sticking to this raw diet!


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