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Raw Chocolate Mousse Bars

8 Jul

raw chocolate mousse bars 1

As most of you already know, I strongly recommend exercising daily. There are so many benefits from keeping active that it is crazy not to participate in some form of physical activity every day. Just a few of the awesome benefits of regularly breaking a sweat include: controlling weight and improving body-image, boosting energy, decreasing […]

Raw Strawberry Jam Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

18 Mar

Summer is out and autumn is in! There is a slight chill in the air, and the days are getting shorter. The start of autumn also means there is an awesome selection of fruit on sale at the local fruit and veg shop, and it’s hard to turn down what’s left of the taste of […]

Day 19 – Animals are Smart Cookies and A Smart Raw Cookie Recipe

11 Feb

The animals people regularly eat are social, intelligent, emotional creatures. Many times it is easy to disassociate the living being from the hamburger, but animals are actually smart cookies. Chickens are smarter than dogs, cats, and even some primates. When chickens lay eggs in natural settings, mother hens teach her chicks several calls while sitting on […]