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Day 18 – A Bit About Pigs and Raw Stuffed Peppers

10 Feb

Pigs live in equally horrible conditions on factory farms and are confined to tiny stalls stacked on top of each other. These extremely crowded conditions cause them to exhibit signs of anxiety such as compulsively chewing on the bars of their crates. Pigs have flesh cut out of their ears, pieces of their teeth removed […]

Day 17 – My Beef with Beef and a Sunflower Pâté

9 Feb

When you think of a cow, you picture a large black and white mammal grazing on a lush green pasture. Unfortunately, factory farms aren’t so luxurious. Cows spend their lives on extremely crowded feed lots. They are forced to endure painful procedures without any anesthetic such as branding, dehorning (with a paste that burns out the […]

Day 16 – Chickens and a Creamy Salad Dressing

8 Feb

When I’m not eating a completely raw diet, I choose to eat vegan. Meat is not healthy (as you’ll learn in the next few days), and chicken is ranked (by Men’s Health magazine) as the #1 food you should never eat due to its high rate of bacterial contamination. More than 99 percent of chickens […]

Day 15 – Factory Farms and an Awesome Raw Cake

7 Feb

Most of the animal products consumed by humans come from factory farms which allow for the mass production of meat. Enormous amounts of pigs, cows, chickens, and turkeys are raised in small, confined spaces to produce meat, eggs, and milk. Animals are packed on top of each other and live in their own filth of pee, poop, and […]