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Day 21 – Heating Raw Foods and a Noodley Raw Soup Recipe

13 Feb

Raw foods don’t have to be cold! Although they shouldn’t be hot either, there are several ways to warm up with raw food. Take food out of the fridge to warm them up to room temperature. This might not sound like a big difference, but it helps a lot. Season your food with warming spices. […]

Day 14 – Raw Pesto Pasta

6 Feb

We are a nation of overfed but undernourished people. We typically rely on a diet based on meat and very little fresh fruits and vegetables. This diet is deficient in many nutrients that are only found in plant sources. We need these nutrients (including fatty acids, linoleic, and linolemic acids), and cannot synthesize them ourselves. […]

Day 12 – Experiencing Raw Benefits and Raw Pad Thai

4 Feb

Jeez, I can smell you from here. Since going raw, my sense of smell is near super power quality. I’ve become more aware of the scents around me, which unfortunately are not always pleasant. I am surprised by this change, as it’s not one I heard much about, but I like this new difference. My […]

Day 6 – The Most Amazing Raw Lasagna

29 Jan

I’m feeling great today. I woke up feeling refreshed after about an hour less sleep than I normally get. This is exceptionally rare for me. I like my sleep, and I typically like a lot of it. I’m surprised I haven’t had any cooked food cravings. When I first went vegetarian, I had meat cravings […]

Day 1 – Avocado Cream Raw Pasta and the Benefits of Blending

24 Jan

Good morning! I’m starting my day with a blended green drink, or a Sludge Smoothie. Drinking vegetables gives my body a greater concentration of instantly usable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and chlorophyll than if I was to chew my veggies because my body can absorb them more easily and quickly when they are broken down. […]