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Raw Cream of Mushroom Soup

5 Sep

We Americans love to celebrate things. There is a day for everything and something to celebrate each day. Today is National Newspaper Carrier Day, and we have International Talk Like A Pirate Day as well as Elephant Appreciation Day coming up later this month, just to name a few. September is International Square Dancing Month, […]

Raw Garden Vegetable Soup

1 Aug

My blender has been quite busy as this week as I am testing out a meal plan I created for a green smoothie detox. I am already on day 3 of 7, and I am feeling pretty good considering I should be experiencing the detoxification symptoms around this time. I felt a little hungry on […]

Day 28 – Quick and Creamy Raw Broccoli Soup

20 Feb

I love super quick and easy soup recipes! They come together faster than I can even make a salad, and they are so satisfying! Today’s super-filling creamy raw broccoli soup does just that. Broccoli is a super star when it comes to nutrition. It is full of protein (even more per gram than red meat!), […]

Day 24 – Seriously Delicious Raw Thai Coconut Soup

16 Feb

I’ve been on a soup kick lately. I thought it may have been because I was missing hot food, but this soup is served cool, and it is absolutely amazing. I must just like the whirl of the blender. I love Thai food. I love the flavors used to season their dishes, especially coconut, lemongrass, […]

Day 21 – Heating Raw Foods and a Noodley Raw Soup Recipe

13 Feb

Raw foods don’t have to be cold! Although they shouldn’t be hot either, there are several ways to warm up with raw food. Take food out of the fridge to warm them up to room temperature. This might not sound like a big difference, but it helps a lot. Season your food with warming spices. […]

Day 5 – Raw Soup

28 Jan

When will all this new energy start to kick in? I’ve been exhausted all day! This detoxing thing is wearing on me. I’m looking forward to going to bed and hopefully waking up refreshed tomorrow! Jason and I spent our afternoon grocery shopping. (He’s also sleepy today, and he’s feeling a bit un-satiated – poor […]