About Me

Raw LauHi! I’m Lauren. I am a gym and nutrition junkie from Long Island, New York but call Sydney, Australia home (for now.) I hold a BA in Psychology and a Master of Education degree. I decided to follow a (somewhat) new direction and chased my passion for health through studying nutrition and creating wholesome recipes that only taste naughty. I am currently pursuing a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition to better my extensive knowledge in health and nutrition.

Instead of teaching in a typical school classroom, I use my psychology and education expertise and apply it to teaching others mindful eating practices. I believe people seek to change how they look and feel in the wrong places. We as a society are constantly dieting and ingesting “diet foods” to make these changes, but it is simpler than that. I believe we can achieve our full potential and look and feel our best when the majority of the food we consume is life-giving raw fruits and vegetables.

This blog came about when I conducted a 30 day experiment on my body and mind. I ate 100% raw vegan foods to maximize my health, fitness, and overall well-being for 30 days at the beginning of this year and haven’t looked back. I became a vegetarian the same way four years ago, as I continued as a full veg after the month-long trial. I didn’t expect to do the same with this venture, but I did plan to experience the full benefits of a raw vegan diet during the 30 days, and I continue to follow a highly raw diet today.